Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Import Approval Applications for Australian Importation

Downloadable application form and addendums

If choosing to make a paper based submission, please complete the application form and addendum for every vehicle type you wish to import.

and at least one addendum

  • Addendum IO1—Personal Imports Option [PDFPDF: 249 KB]
  • Addendum IO2—Non-Road Vehicles Option [PDFPDF: 261 KB]
  • Addendum IO3—Small Road Trailers Option [PDFPDF: 308 KB]
  • Addendum IO4—Vehicles Manufactured before 1989 Option [PDFPDF: 358 KB]
  • Addendum IO5—Australian Plated Vehicles Option [PDFPDF: 275 KB]
  • Addendum IO6—New Vehicles (including large trailers) for Use on Road Option[PDFPDF: 273 KB]
  • Addendum IO7—Letter of Compliance Option [PDFPDF: 186 KB]
  • Addendum IO8—Race or Rally Vehicles Option [PDFPDF: 242 KB]
  • Addendum IO9—Special Purpose Vehicles Option [PDFPDF: 213 KB]
  • Addendum IO10—Vehicles for Exhibition Option [PDFPDF: 191 KB]
  • Addendum IO11—Vehicles in Transit Option [PDFPDF: 185 KB]
  • Addendum IO12—Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) [PDFPDF: 196 KB]
  • Addendum IO13—Test and/or Evaluation Vehicles Option [PDFPDF: 228 KB]